Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer Review


Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer Review 2019 – is the Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer worth the money? Review of features, pricing, print quality and more.

There are amazing technological innovations happening in a variety of industries; one such advancement comes in the form of 3D printers, and they promise to make an impact in many of those industries. The process of 3D printing involves a number of techniques whereby materials are compressed together through computer control to form three-dimensional objects. These objects are most often created by materials, such as powder grains or liquid molecules being compressed together one layer at a time. Originally, when 3D printing first appeared in the 1990s, the technique was thought to be solely for the purpose of creating functional prototypes and was referred to as ‘rapid prototyping’. These days, the process has evolved to include such precision that it can create complex geometric shapes from a range of materials and is considered an industrial production technology. As with any technology, there is a wide range of 3D printer models to choose from. For our current purposes, we are conducting a Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer Review.

Who the Flashforge Creator Pro 3D is Suited for

The Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer is ideal for those wanting to explore 3D printing but don’t want to commit to the higher-end devices. The Flashforge Creator is less than $1,000 but is still very efficient, making it an excellent choice for many and offering a lot of bang for its buck.

As an open source, the Flashforge Creator is a great 3D printer that is capable of conducting a wide range of experiments and can easily be upgraded. For those on a budget, this is one of the most affordable 3D printing devices on the market.

About the FlashForge Creator Pro

The FlashForge features an ingenious build platform system that has been upgraded to produce a highly stable vertical movement. With a full-metal platform capable of withstanding high print bed temperatures, the risks of warping are reduced, and it features a highly-durable frame.

In addition to its super durable build, it has a powder-coated steel frame that keeps the components solidly together. This added stability is 60-percent faster and more precise than its predecessors. Thanks to its dual extruder and open-source quality, the creative potential of this printer is endless.

Additional Feature Information

Like all 3D printers, the FlashForge Creator has a number of features and benefits: versatile dual extruder, sold steel frame construction, all-new build platform, an easy-access front door, and a spacious build area.

Versatile Dual Extruder

With the FlashForge’s dual extruder, creativity is endless. The extruders give you numerous options for what you can create, and the extruders are capable of adjustment to print newer flexible and composite materials predicted in the future.

Solid Steel Frame Construction

The FlashForge’s steel frame construction is ultra durable and holds the printer’s components together solidly. Thanks to the increase in solidity, the printer prints 60-percent faster than the previous FlashForge model. The heavy-duty frame also makes it better for someone who might be moving it around.

The All-New Build Platform

The FlashForge’s new build platform features a new design to create a more stable vertical movement while printing. Thanks to the increased heat resistance of the the metal platform, the objects created are clearer and less distorted. It also features a 3-point levelling system that makes the print bed easier to level.

Spacious Build Area

The FlashForge printer is regarded as very spacious. With the print bed stretching up to 9″ wide and 7′ long, it features an impressive maximum build height of 5.7″. This equates to being able to create a better variety of larger objects.

Additional Specs and Details

The FlashForge 3D printer costs $899 and features a 90-day warranty. It connects via a USB and an SD card. The platform is capable of withstanding heat up to 120 degrees celsius and has a printing speed of 100 mm/second. It weights just over 24 pounds and is an open source for limitless creation options.


• Affordable price
• Dual extruder
• Runs quietly
• Durable metal frame
• Aluminum plate prevents warping
• Enclosed chamber protects the prints
• Plate can withstand high temperatures
• Open source means endless creation options


• Some customers have reported unreliability issues after a short time
• Not an easy set-up process
• Insufficient instructions

Final Verdict

The FlashForge Creator 3D printer is a powerful 3D printing device, and due to its price of $899, it is an accessible option for those wanting to explore the world of 3D printing without committing to a more expensive model. It is a powerful device and is one of the only 3D printers on the market that come with a dual extruder for endless creativity options, which is why this model is so highly recommended for those really wanting to explore what 3D printing has to offer without committing to one of the devices that carries a heftier price tag and is a considerable investment.

Its highly-durable build features a new-build platform and a spacious build area of printing larger items. It is important to note, however, that some customers have reported that the extruder is not 100-percent reliable, especially after prolonged use. In addition, some have reported that the set up is challenging as there are not sufficient instructions. It might be wise to enlist the help of an experienced individual to help with the initial set up, in case there is any confusion or issues.

For those needing a powerful yet affordable 3D printer with a dual extruder, the FlashForge is still an extremely positive option with much to offer its users. As many people are predicting the evolution of 3D printing in a variety of industries, especially medical, 3D printing could represent a big shift in a number of areas from creating equipment and tools, buildings and vehicles to functioning body parts created from human tissue. For those wanting to explore the results of marrying the human spirit of creativity with computer technology, 3D printing has endless options and a bright future ahead.



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