Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer Review


Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer Review 2019 – is the Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer worth the money? Review of features, pricing, print quality and more.

Currently priced at $ 1,106.36, the Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer is a fascinating product that produces high-quality prints and has an impressive selection of features. However, it only works with Dremel’s proprietary filaments and is more costly than the majority of printers in its category.

Design and Product Features

This printer has a smart and clean design that stands out in the silver-and-blue color scheme for which Dremel tools are renowned. This enclosed printer has a large print area that is surrounded by plastic panels, which safeguards fingers against touching the hot and moving parts. The top and front covers are transparent, so you will be able see what is going on. It is also open to offer easy access. However, the covers cannot be locked, so supervision will be needed for younger printers.

The controls, which come together in an understated touch-screen LCD display, are located underneath the front panel of the printer. The procedure involved in preparing and creating prints is mainly done via the DigiLab Cloud Print service or the Dremel Digilab software ithat comes with the printer. Whichever method used, the printer connects over the included USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections.

Made of glass, the print bed is covered in a layer of painter’s tape to which the PLA filament sticks. The entire bed can be detached, which makes it easier to remove prints. However, that glass prevents you from bending and flexing the bed to take out the print. Therefore, you typically have to scrape and pry, which could damage the tape on the print bed.

The package includes two sheets of the Dremel painter’s tape and a three-pack costs $30. An extra sheet of a stronger plastic cover is also included for the print bed, which is roughly the same cost. This is quite costly, particularly when a 100 feet roll of similar tape costs only $3.

Putting the print bed back inside the printer was quite challenging. It has to be placed at just the right angle and thrust hard to snap the bed into place. Failing to do this, the print bed will look right but it will not be held in place firmly.

Main Features

Highlighted below are the core features of the Dremel 3D printer; that is to say, the major marketing angles and “selling points:”

• Plug and Play

If sorting through IKEA-like instructions is not your idea of adventure, the Dremel Idea Builder will possibly be a remarkable option for you. The printer functions largely the same way as a traditional printer. You will be able to take advantage of full functionality straight out of the box. There is no need to sand the edges or break out the tool kit before being able to use it. This machine is completely finished and ready for use from the day you receive it.

• Closed Architecture

You will not be able to modify this 3D printer, what is included in the box is all you can use. For the majority, this is possibly a good feature. Messing around with a piece of $1000+ equipment might not be such a good idea unless you are extremely mechanically inclined anyway. “Proprietary” technology is contained in the system; that is to say, the manufacturers would prefer if their schematics are kept to themselves.

• Self-Contained

This printer is reminiscent of a microwave oven. You choose the model, begin the process and return some time later to find a completed product. There are a number of advantages to this, including quality control. With printers that are more experimental, calibration issues often occur that require modifications and troubleshooting. This takes time, which is something this 3D printer is geared towards saving you.

• Touch Screen Operation

This is the future of 3D printing in a number of ways. The printer has an easy-to-use touchscreen, which has streamlined and simplified the printing process into an intuitive interface to which anyone can adapt with even limited experience.

• Better Quality

One of the main benefits of this closed system 3D40 printer is that the user has better control over quality. Dremel enables consistent and repeatable results from your printing, which is superior to those produced by other competitors in the market.

• Quiet

There are quite a few 3D printers that can get rather noisy; however, the Idea Builder is not included in that category. As mentioned previously, the machine operates a lot like a microwave and it also sounds similar to the appliance.


• Easy set up
• Easy-to-use cloud printing service
• High-quality, clean printing
• Outstanding build quality
• Excellent quality control
• Exceptional support
• Superb connectivity


• Models cannot be edited by the cloud printing service
• Only officially supports costly Dremel
• Replacing the printer bed is difficult
• The software needs a bit of work
• Very closed system

Print Speed

The Dremel Idea Builder is a relatively fast printer which, in Draft mode, can produce a 3.5-inch high figure in roughly 3 and a quarter hours and produce the same figure in 14 hours and 2 minutes when it is set to the Best mode, which is its highest-quality mode. When it comes to draft prints, this is roughly the same speed as the MP Mini Delta; however, in the highest quality print mode the Dremel Idea Builder is a bit slower than most comparable printers.

What Others are Saying About the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 Printer

Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer review has revealed the overwhelming majority of users were greatly impressed with the quality of almost all the prints created by the 3D40. A vast number of users have commented on how cleanly and smoothly the prints came out. There are also a lot of positive comments on the exceptional detail in both the Best and Standard print modes featured on this printer. There was not much cleaning up required after printing because only very few blobs of loose filament or stringy bits of filament that needed to be removed afterwards.



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