Bibo 3D Printer Review


Bibo 3D Printer Review 2019 – is the Bibo 3D Printer worth the money? Review of features, pricing, print quality and more.

The world of 3D printing is evolving at an impressive speed. From 3D printing small objects to cars, buildings, clothes, and even working organs from human tissue, there seems to be no end to the options of what you can create with a good quality feature-rich 3D printer. While there are many on the market to choose from, there is not a huge amount of variance in terms of features. However, the Bibo 2 3D printer has set itself apart from the rest in an impressive way; it includes a laser engraver with is quite rare and impressive. If you are considering entering the 3D printing world, you are likely wondering which device would be worthy of your time and money. For our purposes, we are conducting a thorough Bibo 3D printer review to help guide you in your decision.

About the Bibo Brand

The Bibo brand is one synonymous with ingenuity, creativity and innovation. Bibo’s Research and Development team consists of university grads from among China’s top universitites. They have already been the recipient of numerous accolades including design and innovation contest victories. Bibo’s global success shows no signs of slowing; in fact, the name is considered one to watch out for in years to come. Their 3D printer more than competes will some of the best 3D printer brands around; it gives them a run for their money, plus offers some pretty unique features that are ahead of the rest.

Core Features

Any device or product is only as good as its features and benefits. Bibo’s 3D printer offers an impressive list of features: laser engraving, dual cooling fans, power and filament detection, and dual extruders.

Laser Engraving

While most 3D printers just create items, the Bibo also has the ability to engrave them. You can engrave your own designs on wood, paper, cardboard, and some types of plastic. While laser engraving is currently a new development in the world of 3D printing, it is still in need of some improvements, such as being able to engage on heavier materials; the feature does bode well for the future and is a super cool printer advancement that could become more commonplace.

The 500mw laser engraver can easily replace the extruders in favour of embellishing your creations with your own engraving designs. How cool would it be to 3D print a gift yourself and be able to engrave it with a personal inscription or design?

Dual Cooling Fans

The Bibo 2 printer comes with two cooling fan nozzles, one on each end of the machine. The dual cooling fans are beneficial for those printing with filaments that demand higher nozzle temperatures, such as with PLA.

The fan settings are easily controlled during the printing process via a touch-screen control panel. The settings can also be adjusted through a Wi-Fi connected device.

Power and Filament Detection

Those who have already entered the world of 3D printing have likely encountered the inconvenience and frustration of losing power in the middle of a print. With most printers, once power returns, you have to start the printing process over again from the beginning. With the Bibo, you can continue on with your print once the power returns. Even if you run out of filament mid-print, the Bibo allows the print to be paused until more filament is loaded and ready to roll.

Dual Extruders

Dual extruders is a feature that many printers have and printers of the future are likely to include more and more. Many devices have one extruder, but adding an additional one increases the creative possibilities of the printer. You can print faster or add second colors. They also increase the machine’s stability and precision, resulting in clear and precise printed objects. The Bibo R&D team implemented direct-drive extruder technology to achieve this, which works by preventing the filament from bending or warping in the transmission tube.


• Copy and multi-color printing
• Metal frame design
• Removable glass bed
• Compatible with multiple printing materials


• No auto-bed levelling feature
• Could use a larger build area

How the Bibo Compares to Other Models and What Users are Saying

The Bibo holds its own against other popular models on the market and offers the additional feature of including a laser engraver. While the laser engraver is not as powerful as it might one day be, it is ideal for engraving lighter materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, and some PLA plastics.

Users love the power and filament detection feature as they don’t have to worry about or experience the frustration of losing power or running out of filament in the middle of a print and having to start over again from the beginning. This feature is among the top-rated benefits of the Bibo.

Where the Bibo is lacking compared to some of the more popular models such as the FlashForge 3d printer is in the build area. Some users have reported that there is not enough room for creating larger objects.

In terms of price, the Bibo is on par with other popular brands. For under $1,000, not only do Bibo users get a premium-quality printer that is compatible with multiple printing materials, capable of engraving, and has limitless creativity options, thanks to its dual extruders, it is also capable of printing with two colors and at increased speeds. As the Bibo name evolves, it is one to watch out for in the techie world as the Research and Development team is know for its ingenuity and innovative spirit. The printer’s Wi-Fi connectivity is another impressive feature that numerous other printers for around the $800 mark don’t offer. Its stable metal-box design makes it durable and capable of producing clear and precise objects to rival printers that occupy the $1000-to-$1,500 price point. The Bibo 2 3D printer is described as the whole package. Those wanting to explore the world of 3D printing would find all the necessary features, plus some additional ones present in this affordably-priced innovative 3D printer, capable of laser engraving.



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