ADIMLab 3D Printer Review


ADIMLab 3D Printer Review 2019 – is the ADIMLab 3D Printer worth the money? Review of features, pricing, print quality and more.

An ever growing number of people are nowadays purchasing 3D printers, as it offers them to release their creativity in three dimension. Unlike the traditional printer that only prints images in two dimension… length (X axis) and breadth (Y axis), 3D printers offers them the added option of the depth (Z axis) too, permitting them to sculpt images in a wide variety of medias (known in technical terms as Filament) such as ABS (created from Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene polymers), TPE, (Thermoplastic Elastomer), and much more, depending on the make and model of the printer. Entry range printers cost less than a hundred Dollars, permitting hobbyists to purchase them without burning a hole in their pocket. Obviously, high end printers that can handle a wider range of filaments cost more and are typically targeted towards professionals.

Start your own business
The market for bespoke crafts are growing by the day. You can easily create such stuff with the help of 3D printers, and sell them to people, earning a good sum in the process. You only need to choose the appropriate printer. This ADIMLab 3D printer review is targeted at both hobbyists and businesses who do not mind spending the $379 this printer costs. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise, as this equipment offers much more than its competitors do. Let us, without further ado, move on to the ADIMLab 3D printer review.

Unboxing and setting up the unit
You do not have to assemble this device as it ships pre-assembled; however, you have to mount its frame on its base with the help of the screws provided. Fix the brackets to both sides of the base, connect the device with the control box, and connect the pre labelled wires. Once complete, ensure that its bed is level, and connect the device to the power outlet. Remember, you can only level this printer after heating it. The process is quite simple. Use the control box to set the temperature, following which you have to lower or raise the unit until it is level. IMPORTANT: During this calibrating process, ensure that the filament connects easily with the unit. This might sound complicated but is quite simple if you religiously follow the instruction manual. You can now design objects as well as send them to this 3D printer. Splice the object using appropriate software, ensure that you have set the correct temperature, insert the media (filament), and you are ready to create a 3D masterpiece. TIP: You can ensure that the filament adheres by adding glue to the glass plate. This large printer, apart from having an impressive speed, can easily accommodate large designs, making it the ideal choice for those who want to create large objects. Although this printer takes more time to complete larger projects, I was impressed by its overall speed, which is impressive at this price range.

Accessories and features:
This equipment comes with all tools required you need to get started, apart from the software for creating the object. Its glass heating bed can accommodate objects as large as 31cm x 31cm x 41cm, providing you with enough room for creating projects within this size. As mentioned earlier, the glue ensures the base filament sticks plus remains secure throughout the printing process.

Time for yet another surprise. This printer allows you to choose from a wide range of filaments including PC, TPE, HIPS, ABS, flexible PLA, standard PLA, as well as wood. This ensures no limitations between different projects. I doubt if any other 3D printer at this price range accommodates such a wide variety of filaments.

The temperature control unit permits you to control the temperature of this printer’s bed from 0 to 100ºC, while the temperature of the extruder ranges from 0 to 260ºC. The ideal temperature depends on the type of filament you use and your project, but the range provided is so large that you can effortlessly create nearly everything you desire with the settings you need.

Aluminum frame:
You do not have to worry about the frame chipping or breaking, as it is made out of sturdy aluminum, allowing you to complete lots of projects. I loved this feature as most other printers at this price range have frames made from flimsy materials.

Light on the nozzle:
Wow! You can easily track the progress of the nozzle as well as see printing issues more easily, as this 3D printer has a light on its nozzle, allowing you see the printing job and, if necessary, fix the problems therein, before they ruin your project. This is a handy feature, especially if you are using the printer at night or in a poorly lit area.

Motor silencer
If you have ever used a 3D printer, especially the bulkier ones, you know the noise they create during operation. The ADIMLab 3D Printer boasts of a noise suppressor, allowing you to carry on with your work without disturbing your neighbors.

Manufacturers of most 3D printers hardly bother to include more than the basic accessories required to run the printer and creating the initial project. I was amazed by the large number of accessories the manufacturer provided with this printer. They include:
• 3D printing bed glass
• Heated print bed
• 3″ liquid crystal display
• Printer control box
• 4GB SD card
• Filament holder
• PLA filaments (enough for testing purposes)
• Allen wrench
• Screwdriver
• Cable ties
• Model blade
• Instruction manual

To be precise, the box contains all the tools required to get started. In addition, all of these tools are labeled to avoid any type of confusion. You can start printing as soon as you have set up the printer. I was surprised by its durable and sturdy design. The glass bed and aluminum plate are built to last and do not break or scratch easily. The construction of the control box is sturdy too. The manufacturer provides a one year warranty and their customer support is available round the clock to help you if anything goes wrong.

• Fast
• Sturdy
• Awesome customer service
• Easy to set up
• Pocket friendly price

• Temperature issues

The printer is affordable and easy to use even for beginners. Add to this the awesome customer service and the small things like the included nozzle light, and it becomes easy to understand why I gave it a 5-star rating.



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