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Is it possible to launch a profitable woodworking business with less than $1,000 and make over $100,000 a year with the “Wood Profits” program? Can this program turn your woodworking passion into profits? Is it legit? What is this program about? Is it worth the money? This Wood Profits Review will answer all your questions concerning this famous program by Jim Morgan.

Home-Based Woodworking Business Opportunity

Do you want an easy-to-start business? Do you want a business that allows you to work from home? Do you want an opportunity that has the potential for a lot of income? Do you want to turn your woodworking hobby into a business and make real money?

If these are the things that you want, read this Wood Profits Review, to discover a program that claims to have helped thousands of people to start a home-based woodworking business with almost no capital, zero professional experience, and only a few tools.

About the Program Creator: Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan was just an average guy struggling to make ends meet. He was struggling with his finances. In June 1994, Jim lost his job. That marked a turning point in his life. Jim knew he had to do something urgently because he had two hungry mouths to feed yet he had been rendered jobless.

Jim decided to try his luck with a woodworking business. Woodworking had been his passion for long but he had never thought seriously about monetizing this passion.

With a few shop tools, a 10-foot by 20-foot space, and almost no capital, Jim started his woodworking business. That was the best decision that he ever made in his life. As they famously say, “The rest was history.”

Along the way, he made costly mistakes because there was no one to guide him. The good thing is that he learned from his mistakes. Despite facing serious challenges in his first year, he still managed to earn over $150,000 in sales that first year working part-time about 20 hours a week.

25 years later, Jim is making a full-time income from woodworking. On a bad month, he makes around $12,000. Jim has already helped thousands of woodworkers to monetize their woodworking passion.

Jim combined and compiled all his years of woodworking experience in this amazing guide. It is a product of passion. It is a labor of love. It is the ultimate guide for starting and growing a woodworking business.

You don’t have to start from scratch. You don’t have to make the costly mistakes that most beginners normally make. Jim is here to help you. He will guide you by hand until you become a successful woodworker.

Program Features

• Full guide with accompanying audio, offering everything you need to get started with your woodworking business.
• Hundreds of pages of complete how-to instructions.
• Comes in a downloadable book + MP3 audio.
• There is the option of hardcopy book & CD for you to listen anywhere
• Free Bonus: 500+ of Jim Morgan’s best-selling plans so you don’t run out of ideas
• One-on-one email coaching.
• PDF format.
• Professional business plan included.
• Proven marketing system included.
• Advertising materials included.
• Pricing guide included.
• Accounting and booking tips offered.
• Bonus chapter on Etsy.
• Bonus chapter on how to negotiate commercial contracts.
• And many more…

PROs & CONs Listing


1. You Don’t Need to Be A Master Craftsman

This is a home-based “Business in a Box” system. It will give you all the plans, tools, and information that you need to succeed.

You don’t need to be an expert woodworker to start this business. If you have no prior experience in woodworking, you just need to be willing to learn and you will soon start enjoying a profitable career.

2. This Business is Completely Turnkey

You don’t need a big workshop to get started with this program. Many of the satisfied customers are earning a lucrative income with just a small home garage.

You will obtain everything that you need to be up and running in less than 30 days.

3. Detailed Guide

This is a very detailed guide that will show you step-by-step how to start and successfully operate a home-based woodworking business. There is no waiting around; you will start making money fast.

4. Under $1,000

The most common misconception is that you need a lot of money to get started. With this guide, you simply need less than $1,000 and you will be on your way to earning over $12,000 in a month.

5. Marketing Tricks and Techniques

You will learn the little known marketing secrets. Creating the best wood projects is not enough. You also need to market them. Jim Morgan will teach you powerful secrets about attracting customers; this is how you make your business immediately profitable.

You will learn the exact words that you should use to increase sales. You will learn how to close a sale without coming off as desperate or pushy.

You will discover the top 10 profitable crafts to sell. Jim also explains the “Porcupine Theory,” that lets you find customers who are “in heat” for your product.

6. Building Online Presence

Jim’s guide also has tips on how to build a solid web presence and get targeted users to purchase your products. You will learn how to build a site in less than a day without the need for technical skills.

7. You Can Easily Contact Jim

In case you have any questions or you need clarifications, you can easily contact Jim by email. He is available to address all your queries. Jim Morgan offers ongoing support, free of charge. In case of updates or new information, you will obtain them for free.


1. Don’t Expect Overnight Results

This guide is not a magic button that will fix everything overnight. You will need to read the guide and actualize what you have read. That is the only thing that is required to succeed with this guide.

The information is presented in a clear and straightforward manner. Therefore, you will easily make sense of the information. Applying the tips requires little effort.

2. You Need Some Passion

As much as you don’t need experience to succeed with this program, you need to be passionate about woodworking. When you are passionate, you will easily take initiative. You will be ready to learn new things. Passion will take you far not just in woodworking but also in any other life endeavor.

Pricing: How Much Is This Extraordinary Business Opportunity Worth To You?

When you have proven and tested strategies for running a successful home-based woodworking business, a proven marketing system, a professional business plan, all the advertising materials you need, and much more… How much do you think that is worth?

When you think about it, this is a business that has the potential to make you between $100,000 and $300,000 every year.

Arguably, Wood Profits is worth even more because of the size of the potential market.

However, you are not going to pay $100,000 for this business system. You are not even going to pay $50,000.

The regular price to get started with the program is usually $297. However, for a limited time, it is being offered for just $37. This offer will not last for long. Therefore, grab it now!

Money-Back Guarantee: You 100% “Love It or Shove It”

WoodProfits will give you all the knowledge that you need to start a home-based woodworking business. Jim Morgan is totally confident that after you read the contents of his guide and subsequently apply them, you will become a successful woodworker.

However, if you don’t like the guide for any reason or you don’t make a single penny within 2 months of starting your woodworking business, you should contact Jim and he will give you a full refund, no questions asked, no hassles. This is a risk-free investment.


Paul Keller advises everybody who is thinking about earning some side income from woodworking to grab a copy of this book. Mark Hartley credits Jim’s blueprint for turning his life around. He went from nothing to earning $3400 a month selling wooden toys and jewelry boxes.

According to Madeline Le from Bellingham, Washington, if there is one book that you need about starting a woodworking business then it is WoodProfits by Jim Morgan. He calls this book the ultimate resource for running a successful woodworking business because it answers all the questions that a potential entrepreneur can have in mind.

David Wagner from Minden, Nevada, says that this guide is a must-have if you are just starting out in the woodworking business. He was amazed by the extremely detailed resources.

Glen Kirkland from Kansas City, Missouri, recently bought this guide and he finds it to be an excellent resource. Because of this guide, Glen was finally able to take that leap of faith and venture into professional woodworking.

Final Verdict

Product Rating: 5/5

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