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Toonly Review – an unbiased review of the Toonly explainer video creation software designed for marketers and website owners. Is Toonly the best software on the market? Is it worth the money? Find out today in this comprehensive review.

Explainer videos help create informational or tutorial videos without the use of text. These videos can show your audience a solid amount of information (both visually and audibly) within a short period. The format comes in quite handy to cater to an audience that has a short attention span. The style, music, tone, characters, and their movements help add to the unique viewing experience.

You need not be an expert or possess any prior experience to create such videos. There are quite a few software tools that help get the job done. Toonly is one of such tools. In this Toonly review, we’ll take a look at the software, its features, its advantages and drawbacks, and find out if it’s worth your money.

Why Explainer Videos?

Cartoon explainer videos are quite effective not just with grabbing and sustaining viewer attention, but also when there is the need to inform, enlighten, and convert an audience into prospective customers and clients. These videos can also be used for training users, simplifying complex subjects, visually narrating engaging tales, etc. They also help get your point across fairly quickly. Since these videos are engaging and informative, your customer department would receive lesser calls.

These explainer videos are quite effective at doing their job but creating them can be quite a task and also expensive if you don’t possess the right tools and skillset. Digital agencies typically charge a few thousand dollars to produce a small animated video. Some could even charge several thousand dollars per minute.

What is Toonly?

Toonly is an explainer video software by Doodly that focuses primarily on animations. Unlike most other explainer animation tools, Toonly doesn’t present you with a whiteboard and a human arm that writes and draws things on the screen. It’s easy to use and entails zero coding. You will just be dragging and dropping things to create your videos.

The software comes with a library of pre-made objects, people and music. The already loaded people and scenes come with inbuilt animation. They can be used for emphasizing sub-topics or points in your videos. If you don’t find the pre-loaded images and objects suitable for your project, you may upload your own pictures – these could be people, objects, or background images. However, you cannot (as of now) add animations to your custom images.

Toonly Highlight Features

• The tool offers several thousand custom (not stock) images. Your videos, as a result, would turn out unique.
• It comes with a very short learning curve. Even if you have never designed anything before or have zero tech skills, you should get rolling with the tool in almost no time.
• A single subscription lets you install the software program on multiple computers – no restrictions whatsoever.
• Saving and exporting files is pretty easy too. You may share your videos to popular platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You may even publish your video on your own site.
• The tool is regularly updated. Since it’s backed up by Doodly, you can expect any missing features or bugs in the program to be addressed promptly through software updates.

Toonly Working Mechanism

To get started, you should choose a scene or background of your choice. Once done, you may drag and drop pictures, audio, and text that you would like to feature in your program. You may even record voiceovers directly into the program. After you have added necessary video, audio, and music, you may save the file and export it to your destination of choice.

How is Toonly different from Doodly? Doodly primarily revolves around hand animations. If your video would comprise a solid amount of text, Doodly should be your tool of choice. Toonly is a lot more versatile and facilitates a solid mix of text, images, sound, etc. Text in Toonly is usually in the form of large headings.

Also, Toonly animations are better compared to Doodly and they could be synced to work simultaneously. With Doodly, every animation must occur in sequence or one after another.

Primary Benefits

• Easy to Use

Toonly lets you create animated explainer videos even if you have not made one before. If you were to hire the services of an expert, your production costs would go through the roof. Not to mention, it would also be challenging to communicate to the expert exactly what your requirements are. Toonly, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward.

• Multiple Pre-Made Elements

Besides being fairly straightforward to use, Toonly offers pre-made images and audio in the thousands. And they are free to use too. Most importantly, the tool gets regularly updated and with every single update, you can expect a lot more elements to be added.

• Inexpensive

Toonly is not a free tool. A tool like it cannot possibly pack in so many features and be free to procure. However, compared to similar tools, Toonly is fairly inexpensive. You can buy subscription to the tool in two ways: standard and enterprise. The standard edition, when billed annually, would set you back by $20 a month. The enterprise edition would cost you $40 per month. Though $20 and $40 are no spare change, the value the tool offers more than justifies its price.

• Multiple Use-Case Scenarios

The videos created using Toonly can come in handy in different ways. You may use them to create landing pages, Facebook ads, video sales letters, etc. You can even use the videos to share them on your different social media company or product pages. If you are considering crowdfunding, Toonly videos would help communicate your purpose in a simpler and more engaging manner.

• Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not sure about putting money on the table yet, try the tool out for 30 days. If you end up liking Toonly during the one-month period and choose to keep the subscription, your paid membership will roll as usual. However, if you are not happy with the tool, you can always cancel your membership before the 30 days elapse so that you can have your $20 or $40 back. There is pretty much nothing to lose here. Kindly note, the 30-day period is not a free trial but a window that lets you decide to keep or quit your subscription. Also, if you are happy with the tool and foresee using it for an indefinite time period, you may get a lifetime Toonly subscription for a price that’s just over three months of the standard subscription.

PROs & CONs Listing


• Easy and intuitive to use
• Requires zero coding
• Downloadable software; not a cloud-based service
• Extensive library of people, music, and objects
• Lets you upload custom images
• Saving and exporting files is easy
• Regular updates
• Inexpensive compared to the competition


• Custom images cannot be animated
• No auto-save
• No free trial
• Sound cannot be synced with specific animations

Common FAQs

• Does Toonly require an Internet connection?

Toonly is a downloadable software. This means you will not require Internet when using the tool. The only time you’ll need the Internet is when you want to download the software to your local storage.

• Is Toonly compatible with both Mac and PC?

Toonly works on both Mac and PC – 64-bit and 32-bit systems. The Windows version should be Windows 7 or later. The Mac should be running on OSX 10.10 or a later version.

• What custom image file types are supported?

Toonly lets you add images in the PNG, GIF, and JPEG file format. If you are considering importing an animated GIF, you may choose the animation length. Also, you may import both color and black and white images.

• What file type does Toonly create?

Toonly lets you easily create videos in the standard .mp4 video file format so that you could seamlessly upload the files to different platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

• Does Toonly come with an instructions manual or guide?

Toonly is a fairly easy-to-use tool. Most people, even those without any background in tech and design, would be able to use the tool within minutes. However, there could be some who may still need help. For such individuals, Toonly has videos on its official site that guide people on how to use their tool. The videos cover all the basics, right from making a video, adding images to the content, and sharing or exporting them.


In this day and age of smartphones and video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, visual content is an effective method to get your message across. Even the most popular and established blogs and websites make video content and disseminate them for increased visibility and footfalls. Shunning video content is, therefore, putting your company or solo business at a great disadvantage. Tools like Toonly help you create professional videos so that you are not at a disadvantage.

Toonly is, no doubt, one of the best explainer video creators on the market. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require professional knowledge or skills, and helps create videos that would impress even the most seasoned video professionals. We highly recommend this tool to people who would like to create explainer video content. Though the tool has a few drawbacks, they aren’t something Toonly cannot rectify with future software updates.



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