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Handcrafted woodworking is not just a great hobby to have but it also is a solid stress-buster. There’s something truly calming and satisfying about crafting furniture and toys with your very own hands. However, woodworking is not as common a pastime as other hobbies since most people perceive it as hard work and time-consuming. They also believe that a specific set of skills and a certain level of experience are needed to take up woodworking tasks. If you are one of those people, Ted’s Woodworking is here to change your mind. You probably might have heard of Ted’s Woodworking but may not know the program deep enough to understand why so many people are talking about it. In this Ted’s Woodworking review article, we’ll go through everything you should know about Ted’s Woodworking and also let you know if it’s worth your money and effort.

What is Ted’s Woodworking?

Ted’s Woodworking is a DIY woodworking program that offers you several thousand woodworking plans that can get even the most newbie woodworkers started. The program is devised with the sole objective to help out beginner woodworkers who would like to try their hands at multiple DIY woodworking projects in and around the house. If you are a professional or someone who has been woodworking for a living for very long, this program is not for you.

As mentioned before, the program comprises a range of woodworking plans, right from basic wood cutting and assembly to creating wooden toys with intricate designs. You can expect to make things that you could use around your space. The items you create can also be great gifts for your near and dear ones.

Course Features

• A vast collection of plans

The biggest draw to Ted’s Woodworking is its sheer number of woodworking project plans. It’s not vast. It’s humungous. Even if you are an extremely enthusiastic woodworker, you would most likely not be able to put down all the plans featured in the program to work. The collection is a mixture of a variety of things you could build by yourself.

• Well-Categorized

The various plans in Ted’s Woodworking have been put in categories so that you could make a choice based on the kind of project you’d like to finish. Lamps, mailbox, bed plans, cabinets, cabins, coffee tables, etc. are some of the many categories you will come across in this program.

• Texts and Diagrams

The different plans are illustrated using texts and diagrams. The placement of the text boxes beside the visuals would remind you of comic books. Not to mention, the instructions and their layout are extremely user-friendly. The visuals are black and white. The end or final product image is in color, however.


• Easy to follow

The best and probably the most underrated aspect of the program is how simple and easy to follow the project instructions are. This is why most amateur woodworkers feel at home with this program.

• Convenient Video Library

Though the program’s primary mode of instructions is textual, the video library is quite useful too. There is no dearth of woodworking videos on the Internet, but they are not as organized or neatly compiled as Ted’s Woodworking videos. Moreover, the videos are accompanied by a dedicated set of tutorials and guides.

• Customer Support

Ted’s Woodworking customer support team is on point. This is unlike the majority of similar products. Most other woodworking products, in fact, don’t have a customer support department to start with. You’ll invariably have to mail the maker of the plan, who may or may not respond to your doubts or concerns. Ted’s Woodworking support team not just responds to your messages, but also offers you free email coaching to its exclusive members.


Ted’s Woodworking plans could be yours for $67. For the price, you receive a huge assortment of woodworking plans. For those who think the price is a bit steep, you would be startled to know that there is nothing close to Ted’s Woodworking program online in terms of value. Even your 10-year subscription to your favorite woodworking magazine wouldn’t offer you so much value. Not to mention, you can find discounts if you do some searching around. One way to bag a discount is sharing your email address at the official Ted’s Woodworking site.

Upon purchase, you would be sent a link to download the PDF files. There are multiples of them, primarily based on categories. If you’d like to have them all in one place, you can order the DVD version of the files. It would cost you an additional $19.95. The DVD is primarily a thing of convenience. Save money not buying it, which is what the majority of Ted’s Woodworking members do.


Ted’s Woodworking is creating the buzz for different reasons – most of them being positive. The following are some of them.

Working on each plan featured in the program can be quite satisfying. The level of satisfaction goes up as you finish one project after the other.

The program contains several downloadable guides too. You could push these guides offline so that you may use them even when you don’t have access to the Internet.

Not to mention, the videos come in extremely handy if the text-based instructions are not very clear or difficult to follow. The videos certainly chip in when you believe you skipped a few important steps while executing a plan. The videos are available in the form of step-by-step tutorials.


No product or service is without its drawbacks, and Ted’s Woodworking is no exception to this rule.

Ted’s advertisements are replete with claims of more than 16,000 woodworking project plans. In reality, however, the number of plans featured are lesser than 16,000. Regardless, you would not exhaust the projects or finish trying them all anytime soon even if you sit down working on them for hours and days together.

Since all the plans are available in the PDF format, you cannot edit them and customize them with your own inclusions.

There is also no proper search index. You would probably miss a search index more here as there are thousands of projects and plans to peruse and choose from. The inability to locate a project quickly can be quite inconvenient. However, the categorization of the plans makes life less difficult.

General Feedback

Ted’s Woodworking has been doing the rounds for several years. During all these years of market presence, the program has been showered with praises and some criticism and allegations. The criticism is mostly around the program not being genuine. Critiques claim the program has put together woodworking plans from multiple sources online and offline.

The allegations are primarily concerning copyright infringement. Most of these allegations have been made years ago – probably the oldest set of these copyright infringement claims date back to 2012.

It’s pretty simple. If Ted’s Woodworking had indeed infringed copyrights, the program should have been down and out by now. But it’s still afloat, heavily watering down the copyright allegations against it.

Another criticism surrounding the program is that the plans are not worth your while. Of course, not all the 16,000 plans are worth considering. But the majority are still worth looking into, and more than a handful out of them are truly worth your money. In fact, you would feel like having got your monies worth after having completed a project or two using Ted’s Woodworking as your guide.

Upon deep investigation, it’s fairly clear that much of the criticism for the program is from online woodworkers or people who are on the seller side of things. They are not happy that Ted’s Woodworking offers so much value for so little money. Another reason for their frustration is that the maker of Ted’s Woodworking heavily promotes the program. When something is in your face all the time, you would start disliking it even if it’s really good. That is what’s happening to Ted’s Woodworking. If the maker could cut down on the advertising on various websites and blogs, they may attract a little less hate.

Now that we have addressed the controversies surrounding the program, it’s worth mentioning that people who have actually bought the program and tried putting the different plans to work are truly in love with the program. You need not work on them all. Even the successful completion of a project or two would feel great. That is where the true value proposition of the product lies.


Woodworking is a great hobby to pursue. From making you more creative and helping you use your time productively; woodworking is certainly unique for a thing to do in your leisure time. Ted’s Woodworking feeds you and guides you and makes sure you take your woodworking game to another level. Though there are several videos on the Internet explaining woodworking and sharing different project details, they do not even come close to the number of projects, format, and presentation of the projects in Ted’s Woodworking. There are minor hiccups here and there, but they can be certainly corrected with future updates. For us, Ted’s Woodworking is a solid 5 out of 5.



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