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Sqribble Review – an unbiased review of the Sqribble ebook creation software. Is Sqribble the best software on the market? Is it worth the money? Find out today in this comprehensive review.

Are you fed up of writing content and getting peanuts for it, despite writing excellent content? Are you aware that you can earn a lot of money by writing eBooks for others? Manufacturers of most products nowadays prefer to create a digital form of their instruction booklets as it helps them cut down on costs as well as preserving the ecology of the planet. However, writing an eBook is not so simple if you try to compose it using traditional word processing programs. You will have to put in a lot of labor, creating a table of contents, and linking them to the pages containing content associated with them. Be prepared for an unpleasant surprise when you export the final copy as a .pdf file only to find errors in formatting, wrongly placed graphics, and much more. You can avoid such a situation by using a dedicated eBook creating software. I specialize in writing eBooks for others and have tried numerous eBook creating programs only to find that they did not work correctly. I was extremely frustrated and did not know how to complete my assignments until one of my friends suggested me to try Sqribble. According to him, it was the best eBook creator available. After purchasing and using this software for a couple of weeks, I decided to write this Sqribble review to solve the dilemma of other frustrated eBook writers like me.

A pleasant surprise

I was pleasantly surprised after purchasing the software, installing it on my computer, and trying to create a short eBook with it as the entire process. I had never believed that the process was so simple. I was able to complete the task in a couple of minutes, which included formatting, creating the cover, and linking the TOC to different pages. Based on this, I am now confident that I can take on any eBook assignment and complete them quickly and correctly. I was also able to convert a massive document into a stunning and professional eBook under an hour. I also found out that I can use Sqribble to write whitepapers as well. Let me explain to you about the core features of this nifty tool.

Automatic content creation

Most similar tools found online do not have the ability to add content to an eBook automatically. However, it is a different scenario with Sqribble. Thanks to this software, I can add content to my eBook without writing a single word. I only had to select the niche, and the tool fills in the content on the chosen template. After this, I quickly scanned the preview, removed unwanted content, and added relevant content as required. It is a fantastic feature as it saved me a lot of effort and time. The tool adds the content based on the URL I provided. This software also allowed me to extract content from my Word document and include it in the eBook, meaning I can use my library of niche articles as well.

What is Sqribble?

It is a cloud-based tool, which allows you to create high-quality and professional-looking eBooks with the help of templates provided with the tool with just a few clicks of the mouse button. It is the ideal solution for marketing professionals, freelancers, small and medium marketing agencies, and anyone else looking to create eye-grabbing eBooks quickly and effortlessly. You can save a lot of time as well as money by using it. As mentioned earlier, I had tried several similar tools, but Sqribble stands apart from the rest because of its cool features, not available on any other comparable program. This feature is a total game-changer and will save eBook creators from the hassle of typing the content into the software. Here is a list of things this amazing tool can do:

• Drag and drop design
• Automatically generate a table of contents
• Automatic pagination
• Automatic headers and footers
• It allows the user to add their media. Upload your Word document and sit back and relax as the tool automatically extracts the content from your document and puts it into your new eBook
• Allows one to add or delete pages
• Has more than 300 Google fonts
• Automatic content addition feature that enables you to add content from files in your computer, from web pages, or even from the vast Sqribble library containing 1,000 instant niche articles, so that you do not have to write anything
• Boasts of 10 different eCovers that the user can easily customize
• Includes 50 eBook templates in 15 different niches, meaning that you will never have to waste time starting from scratch
• Creates content automatically
• It converts an eBook into an animated and interactive flipbook instantly. According to marketing professionals, interactive eBooks are much more attention-grabbing, making them better than flat eBooks when it comes to driving traffic to your website

Eye-catching eCovers

Although many other vendors offer their version of eBook creation software, not all of them provide their clients with attractive covers for their eBooks. I had faced this problem while trying out another eBook making software and had to hire a professional designer to create the artwork for the cover of my eBook. I had to spend several hundred dollars for this. Thanks to the professional quality cover that Sqribble contains, I no longer need the help of professional designers. I simply selected one of the included templates and added the same to my eBook project. The impressive and professionally designed covers changed the appearance of my eBook for the better.

Create flipbooks effortlessly

Sqribble never ceases to amaze me because of its versatility and its capability to create other stuff apart from eBooks. It has the ability to convert flat books into interactive flipbooks. For the unanimated, flipbooks have the feel and look of a real book. It consists of animated pages that turn like a real book with options to create a notion as if you are flipping the pages of a physical book. This added advantage puts Sqribble miles ahead of its competitors.

Agency rights and client feedback tool

The price of the Sqribble application includes agency rights as well. It means that you can earn money by creating your agency and creating eye-catching digital books for marketing agencies. However, you need to purchase a commercial agency license if you want to create and sell eBooks. If this is not enough, the creator of this excellent tool also provides you with a readymade website for your agency in which you can display all of your creations to attract the prospective client. The included client feedback tool assists you to collaborate with your customers in order to get their feedback on their eBook projects and make necessary changes. If you use any other eBook creation software, you have to depend on Skype or email communication to receive feedback from your clients and then implement the changes. Thanks to the feedback tool of Sqribble, you now have the option to receive your client’s feedback directly on the software and make changes instantaneously. Sqribble is exceptionally intuitive as it is highly optimized for internet marketing. It has the ability to create eye-grabbing and colorful eBooks, guaranteed to grab the attention of the reader. If you have used any eBook creation tool in the past, you surely know how tedious the process can be. With Sqribble, you can take the difficulty out of the entire process.

Blazing fast speed and compatibility

Since Sqribble is a web-based application, you do not need to depend on the power of your computer’s processor. It is compatible with all computers, meaning that it works perfectly on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Once you have uploaded your document, select a color theme, and then customize it. After this, add, edit, or delete pages, images, headlines, paragraphs, dividers, text blocks, links, buttons, features, call to action areas or bullet lists. Click on the “generate” button, and the tool will create your eBook in less than a minute.

Why waste money hiring a freelance writer?

Expect to spend up to $500 in hiring a freelancer to write content for your eBook or spend hours hammering the keyboard to write the content yourself. With the power of Sqribble, you can automatically fill your eBook with professionally written content from several sources. Pull content from your client’s blog and convert it into an engaging eBook in less than an hour, which includes time taken for adding or replacing text.

About the creator

Adeel Chowdhry is a renowned internet marketing expert, a best-selling author, as well as a famous digital product creator with over a decade of experience behind him. He runs a successful coaching and consultancy business in the area of online marketing. Sqribble apart, Adeel has also created Pixel Studio FX, a digital cover creation tool. He has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by internet marketers and creates applications that provide practical solutions for those challenges.


The main Sqribble software currently costs $57 as a one-time fee, which is a steal considering that the regular price of this tool was $197. However, you can avail of a special discount on the author’s website that provides you a discount of $27.47. Do not delay and purchase this software today as the discount offer ends on March 31, 2020. There are some upsells too which I have not included in the Sqribble review, and you can find their details on the author’s website.

My suggestion

I have used different eBook creation programs, and none of them offer the functionalities that Sqribble offers or are as easy to use. I give it a 5-star rating and am sure that you, too, will do so once you have experienced the power of this tool.

What others say

Roger Martin: “I had been wasting countless days to create an eBook using different software. Sqribble has changed this, and I now have enough free time to spend with my family while creating triple the number of eBooks at the same time I used to take to format a single one.”

Joseph Green: “Sqribble is awesome. I am now able to create eBooks in just a couple of minutes. The awesome eCovers provided with the software are the proverbial icing on the cake.”



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