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Doodly Review – an unbiased review of the Doodly whiteboard video creation software designed for marketers and website owners. Is Doodly the best software on the market? Is it worth the money? Find out today in this comprehensive review.

If you visit social media platforms such as Facebook, you must have seen these cute videos in which a hand holding a pen sketches characters on the screen, pulls in images on to the screen and places them in different parts of the video, and writes text as well? They are known as doodle videos and are immensely popular for their attention-grabbing effect. Forget costly video making programs that have a steep learning curve, as they cannot recreate the same effect as the low-cost Doodly can. This specific software also permits the user to add background music and voiceovers in the video.

Developer and the basics of the program

Developed by Brad Callen, a name synonymous with creating high-quality software, Toonly is unarguably the cheapest and the friendliest whiteboard video making program available in the market today. Apart from whiteboard videos, it can also create greenboard, blackboard, and glassboard videos. Brad is different from other software developers in the sense that he creates programs that are easy to use and pocket-friendly. Could this be the reason that more and more people are ditching their existing whiteboard creating program and opting for Doodly?

Easy to use

Most other online animated creation programs are subscription-based, and most of them have only some of the capabilities that this offering by Brad does. To understand more about this software, its capabilities, and why I consider it as the leading animated explainer video maker, keep on reading this article. The program is so simple to use that even your child can master it in a couple of days. If you follow the tutorial videos available on YouTube and the membership page, you can start creating animated videos immediately. Just select an image from the vast library of images provided and drag it on the canvas (the drawing area). The software will automatically sketch the picture for you. You can change the color of the canvas from white to green, black, and transparent, a feature that I did not find on any other whiteboard creating software.

Save money

You can hire experts to create animated whiteboard videos for your company. However, expect to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a 90-second video. Also, you have to wait for several days for the professionals to send you a draft video. If you do not like the result, you will have to send it back to them for editing. With Doodly, replacing an image element with another one hardly takes more than a couple of seconds. Also, it is so user-friendly that even someone who has never used a video creating software before can master this program in a couple of hours. Can you imagine the amount of time and money you can save with it?


Although the software comes with hundreds of doodle images, there might be occasions when you might want to add an image from your computer. No problem. Upload your image and leave the rest of the job to the patent-pending “Smart Draw” technology of Doodly to create point-and-click draw paths. Once you have completed this task, the software sketches your uploaded picture in the same way that it does with the images in its library. It means that there is no limit on the number of images you can use with Doodly. The chances are that you might require a female hand to sketch the picture. No problem. The software ships with a large selection of female and male hands in different sizes, colors, and ethnicities. Select the one that best suits your video and leave the rest to the program.

Huge collection of assets

The software ships with 200 professionally drawn character images, of which 10 are entirely different and unique characters with 20 poses each. Also, you get 20 different background scenes along with hundreds of assets and props covering every niche and topic that you can think of. As mentioned above, you can add your custom images too. You no longer need to purchase audio tracks for adding them in the background of the video since the developers of Doodly have thoughtfully included a wide selection of royalty-free audio backgrounds, ideal for any genre. Like with the images, just drag and drop the background music of your choice to the video timeline. You also have the option to increase or decrease the volume level of the background tracks. It is difficult to create an explainer video without a voiceover. The software allows you to add voiceovers or other sound effects into the video effortlessly.

Install the software on as many computers as you like

On the one hand, the majority of explainer video creating programs come with a single user license, meaning that you can only install it on one computer. On the other hand, you can install Doodly on as many computers as you like. Install a copy of the software on your assistant’s computer so that he can create the basic video. You can then take the file and make alterations to it on your computer.

Select the output video quality

You can also export the video in different resolutions, including custom resolutions, or even export them in different resolutions and file sizes. Remember, the number of frames per second determines the file size of the output video. The higher the frame rate of a video, the greater its file size.

Regular updates

Most whiteboard video software developers hardly release more than 2 to 3 updates every year. Some of them simply release one version and never bother to update it. The case is different with Doodly. The developers note down the suggestions sent by users and update the software accordingly. You will never need to spend a single copper for downloading the latest updates once you purchase the program for a price that is a measly fraction of what other programs cost. You can use this program on both the Windows and Mac platform.

Creativity unleashed

You can create engaging YouTube videos with the help of this program. Statistics show that people love seeing videos in which a hand holding a pen draws the images in front of them. You can also use the hand with the eraser to erase part of the sketch and sketch something over it, giving a unique and realistic effect to the final video. It appears just as if an invisible artist is sketching the images, erasing them as and when required, before drawing the final sketch. Apart from small explainer videos, you can use Doodly to create lengthy presentations that are more engaging and appealing. You can use this program to develop complete storylines of different niches. The professionally drawn sketch bundle ensures that you never have to purchase sketches from a third party to compile your video. According to studies, doodle videos are the highest converting videos available. They grab the attention of viewers and ensures that they keep on staring at the screen while the images are being sketched. Visit the website of the developer if you still have any doubts about the quality of videos that this program can create and view some of the videos made for different niches and industries by other doodlers. Those people hardly have any design skills or technical knowledge required to create explainer videos.

Are you facing problems?

Are you facing problems creating videos with Doodly? You are invited to a private Facebook group after purchasing the software. You can post your question over there and receive a solution to the same within a couple of hours. In most cases, the members reply to your query within minutes of you posting them. However, it is unlikely that you will face problems while creating your video, as Doodly was created, keeping people like you in mind. This program aims to allow novices to produce professional-quality videos with a few clicks of the mouse button. You must be thinking that you have to spend a hefty amount to purchase and use Doodly, considering the awesome features it contains and the number of sketches, backgrounds, images, and music tracks the developers have included. However, this is not the case. The cost of the program is so cheap that you can recover its price after creating a single video. Remember, it takes a considerable sum to engage professionals to create explainer videos. Why waste your hard-earned money when you can create the videos yourself with the help of Doodly.


You must be thinking that you have to pay a hefty price for it. No doubt, the developer of the program charges typically an annual subscription fee of $468 per year, but you can now get it for a one-time payment of $67, which is what creators of other similar programs charge for a three-month subscription. However, you need to hurry as the brainchild behind the software might change his mind at any moment and hikes up its price. The software also ships with a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you do not like the software after using it, return it within 30 days and to receive a full refund. However, I strongly doubt if you would ever do this, as this is one of the cheapest, yet the friendliest whiteboard video making software that I have come across. Do not hesitate and purchase Doodly as soon as you have completed reading this review. Let your imagination flow and create sales videos that engage viewers and convert them into customers.



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