Back to Life 3 Level Healthy Back System Review


If you have experienced back pain before, you will know why many people require a cure urgently. Each year, people spend ridiculous sums of money on physiotherapy, painkillers, surgery and massage, praying that something will provide the relief they crave. Regrettably, the majority of supposed treatments end up being fools gold, so their back problems persist with no end in sight. The Back to Life System 3 purports to be the solution to your painful back. In addition, it promises to offer permanent, long term relief.

Emily Lark is the creator of this system. She spent a long time looking for effective back pain treatments. Ultimately, she chose to be more proactive and devise this detailed program, which claims to hold the secrets to a future without pain. The course includes video instruction and an accompanying manual. After you have mastered the exercises, you can refer to the manual when required, if you are away traveling.

Features of the Course

Once you purchase this product, you will immediately gain access to the comprehensive exercise videos that teach you the different techniques. Presented by Emily, these videos are the next best thing to personal tuition. The accompanying manual, which provides indepth information about the course, helps to boost your level of motivation and understanding. By watching the videos a few times, you will learn the different exercises. After you know what has to be done, you can incorporate these movements into your routine each day — regardless of your location. A chair is the only thing you need, along with a desire to improve your life of course.

It is best to view the video footage initially, before reading the content related to the exercises. By doing this, you will have a better idea of what to do – so when you try an exercise you are more likely to get it right. In next to no time, the exercises described will come naturally to you.

When you read through the manual, you will find out more about Emily and the benefits of positive thinking. She will explain how important having the right mindset is, and how you should focus your efforts for optimum results. Then, she will talk about the advantages of core engagement exercises, and demonstrate precisely how to perform these with the help of photographs. Next, she will advise you to do these core exercises on a daily basis. You can strengthen your muscles this way, whether you are sat at a desk or out walking. These exercises help you to master correct breathing, which supports your long term progress.

All exercises come with their own specific advice, which helps to prevent errors. For instance, with Knee Lifts – which is the first exercise described – one piece of advice is to: “Maintain a tall spine. Keep your shoulders relaxed, away from your ears”. To support your progress further, a Healthy Back Checklist is included, which features daily guidance on how to develop a stronger, healthier back. Take heed of this guidance, and you are bound to make improvements. It all centers on identifying the things that need doing, then executing the required steps.

The course content can be accessed online, then downloaded onto your laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet. The digital format is convenient, because it means that you can use the course wherever you are – whether it is in the lounge watching a movie, in a hotel on a weekend holiday, or in the bedroom on an evening. This is a big advantage, because it allows you to perform the gentle yet effective exercises regularly — and consistent effort is paramount. Nonetheless, if you are not an Internet savvy customer, you can buy the program in physical format. Extra handling and shipping fees will apply, if you opt to do this though.

About the Course Creator

Emily Lark epitomizes what a normal person can achieve, with the right motivation. She was involved in a horrific road collision, at the tender age of twelve. Over the following years, she suffered from severe sciatica that ruined her quality of life each day, and stopped her from doing normal things that other people don’t think twice about. By all accounts, Emily tested everything – from prescription drugs to NSAIDs, muscle relaxants and physiotherapy, etc. However, nothing could relieve her from the excruciating pain.

In the end, after being told by her doctor that surgery was the only option, she took matters into her own hands and started researching back pain treatments in more detail. Based on this research, she developed her own unique approach to therapy. The ten minute exercise routine she invented finally relieved her pain. These days, thanks to her creativity, she lives a normal life – with her back problems a thing of the past. After seeing how effective her method was, Emily realized that other people could benefit – so she decided to reveal it in a course. She hired a team of writers, videographers and photographers to produce her program, which offers relief to people like her – who have suffered relentless back pain over a prolonged period of time.

The Price of the Course

Happily, the Back to Life System will be affordable for everyone, regardless of their budget. To get the complete video set, Healthy Back Checklist and accompanying manual, it only costs $37.00. This is a discounted price from its’ original selling price of $99.00, so buy a copy before this offer expires. If the course is not to your liking, you can request a full refund within sixty days of purchase. You do not have to send anything back. Simply tell the vendor that you are unhappy, and they will give you your money back.

Benefits of the Course

The Back to Life System is simple to follow. There are no complex maneuvers to learn. Although the exercises and stretches are unorthodox, they are not demanding and do not need specialized training or equipment. The course has been researched thoroughly and is designed to work, irrespective of your physical limitations. The movements are straightforward and learnable, and you do not have to be a contortionist to get started. Once you have spent a little time viewing the instructional videos, you will be able to perform the fundamental exercises described.

The course videos are produced professionally — There is no intermittent audio or blurred footage that often appears on other instructional videos. All the videos included offer clear, user friendly guidance. You will not have to guess what the presenter said, or become frustrated because you weren’t shown what to do properly.

Most importantly, this course will help you to ease your back pain. After all, this is the whole point of purchasing it. The exercises, stretches and advice in the program frequently result in instant, long lasting relief. This is the biggest selling point of all.

What Other People are Saying

Feedback from customers about this product has been largely positive, and it is highly rated on Amazon at the time of writing. Most people agree that it is an informative course, with clear tips and doable exercises. Many customers report some degree of pain relief, after following the advice given. The fact that the exercises can be completed in only ten minutes per day is another thing that customers appreciate. For many people, this means that they can finally start doing what they enjoy most, like going for afternoon walks, traveling, or playing with their children or grandchildren – without experiencing any pain. One customer on Amazon reports that she is using the course with her teenage daughter each day, to relieve some muscle tension and get ready for fun in the summer. The advice about general health in the course is widely praised by customers as well. Therefore, it appears that this program will help people, who have back pain due to bad posture, muscle strain, overtraining or impractical footwear.

The Back to Life System Review — Final Thoughts

From the outset, this course cuts to the chase and carries on in that vein until the end. Emily explains everything you need to understand to master the exercises. There is no filler information included, just to pad out the content. While watching the instructional videos, you get the feeling that Emily is talking to you personally. The techniques she teaches you can be used anywhere, and you can slot the routine into your daily schedule, regardless of how busy you are.

Also, Emily seems sincere and is obviously committed to helping you ease your back pain. There’s no doubt that she has her customers’ best interests at heart. In light of this, it is fair to award this program a 5/5 star rating, because the positive feedback from customers speaks for itself. In all likelihood, you will be among the many people who have experienced fast, if not instant relief. With the refund guarantee offered, you do not have to risk anything to give this a try. Therefore, don’t spend another day suffering. Purchase the Back to Life System today and take control of your life!



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